The TV show Veronica Mars, enjoyed only a short 3 seasons of airtime on the CW, but later developed a cult following after it’s appearance on Netflix. The popular show is about a 17 year old California girl (played by Kristen Bell), who is an apprentice private investigator. To please the accumulation of fans, a Kickstarter Campaign was launched in hopes of raising enough money to turn the cult hit into a movie.

Veronica Mars Gets Record Breaking Support from Fans

Kristen Bell star of Veronica Mars

Goals met at lightning speed

The Kickstarter campaign’s goal is to raise $2 million in 30 days to allow for a summer shoot.Three days after the start of the campaign the show has already met record-breaking fundraising goals, being the first  Kickstarter project to hit $1 million,  doing so in only 4 hours, 24 minutes. Just 10 hours after its launch on Wednesday morning, the TV Drama had already reached the $2 million goal. By Friday afternoon,Veronica Mars had accumulated 50,369 backers and raised $3,322,599 in pledges for the movie, and the Kickstarter project still has 28 days to go.

Rob Thomas’s dream of a movie

This is quite an accomplishment for a TV show that only averaged just under 2.5 million viewers during its 2004-07 run. This crowd funding strategy could potentially bring  new hope to creators other cult TV shows that have aspirations to transform their shows into movies.

On the Kickstarter website, the show’s writer Rob Thomas tells fans, “ I’ve always wanted to make a Veronica Mars movie. I love writing these characters and working with these actors. Kristen Bell has always wanted to make the movie.” He had tried for several years to get the funding for the movie, and had almost given up hope after his pitch to Warner Brothers was turned down a few years ago. After finding about Kickstarter’s fundraising campaigns from a musician friend, he finally had hopes that Veronica Mars could make it to the big screen.

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