A new British Comedy by movie studio Dare Productions, will be bypassing the box office and instead will make its reveal on Xbox. Though it is not uncommon for a movie to skip the cinema and head straight for video to cut cost, the new movie called Pulp will be the first to make its reveal on a gaming console, though Microsoft claims it will not be the last.

Lucky Xbox360 Live users will be the first to check out the film, which was made available to users on March 4th.The movie spins the tale of comic book publisher and fellow nerds who find themselves entangled with criminals and are recruited by the police to bust up a money laundering ring.

Xbox Gets a Movie Premiere

Why Reveal on Xbox?

Adam Hamdy, a co-director of the film, discussed the difficulties of finding appropriate avenues to reveal a new movie and talked of the decline of DVDs due to digital downloads and piracy. Add to that the cost of marketing a new film and it becomes almost impossible for a movie genre like British Comedy to gain any attention. It is for these reasons that revealing Pulp on Xbox was a no brainer, and will instantly be available to millions of viewers, which is not nearly as risky as traditional movie reveals.

Microsoft Takes Xbox in a New Direction

Microsoft has been reshaping the Xbox, slowly transforming it from a pure game console to a full entertainment platform, and Pulp is the next step in the process. Xbox Live product manager Pav Bhardwaj thinks that Pulp will be well received by  the Xbox audience and feels that British Comedy deserves the support, and claimed in a recent statement “It’s a great fit. The film is really well aligned with our audience.”

Xbox Gets a Movie Premiere

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