Visceral Games is prepared to scare, with its latest creation, and the most anticipated horror game of this year, Dead Space 3. This will be the company’s third installment in this series, and Visceral understands that keeping fans enthralled comes with its challenges.

What’s in store for Dead Space 3?

This installment of the series has its familiarities, along with a few twists and additions to ensure the game will be scary and exciting for players. This time around, the psychic psycho, Isaac Clarke has returned, along with his continuous visions of a strangely distorted future.

The aliens are also back, and continue to transform humans into those nasty necromorphs, which are hideous creatures much like Zombies made from various body parts. Isaac must not only make sense of the crazy scenes that run through his head, but it is also up to him to save the entire human race from a horrific fate.

Though there are many similarities, for Dead Space 3, players can expect some frightening new creatures, and developers are finally answering lingering questions that have carried on through the first 2 installments of the series.

Mental Focus

This third game also puts more focus on Isaac’s mental visions than the previous titles, and co-op play really adds a new dimension to that aspect.   The franchise’s executive producer, Steve Papoutsis said, “When you decide to play with a friend, you get details about John Carver (the co-op character) and his backstory and his personal journey. We actually leverage that by delivering psychological horror moments. You’ll have the psychological dementia that only occur in co-op and really bring details out.” He continued by explaining that those dementia moments will be highlighted by a scene on one players screen, while the other player is witnessing entirely different action.

Dead Space 3 is playable on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and on Window’s PC. The game was released this week for sale in North America, Australia, and Europe. The game is rated M for Mature, due to strong language, intense violence, and blood and gore.

[Image via tecnoslave]