The consumer tech sector continues to feed the curious appetites of its followers, and the major players have been nothing but busy in the past weeks. We’ve heard of Samsung introducing Galaxy mega devices, which is perfect for those blessed with gargantuan hands. Then there’s Microsoft, who is reportedly going to take on Google Glass next year. In the meantime, Apple is said to be looking at flexible displays.

Apple flexible displays

The speculation comes from something quite solid – well, as solid as things can get online. Popular Apple-related web site, 9t05Mac showed proof that the company is moving forward with the following job listing posted early in April.

Apple Flexible DisplaysGiven the date the job was posted, it is tempting to attribute it to an act of tomfoolery. However, the ad did stay live for a little longer than a week, after which it was taken down. Either Apple found someone that fit the bill or [insert speculation here].

The idea of Apple flexible displays is definitely not novel. Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch when it comes to this point, not to mention other “lesser” brands such as Sharp and LG. Still, the technology has not gone mainstream  – which could very well change in the very near future.

So what’s to get excited about Apple flexible displays?

Perhaps the better question is what’s not to get excited about? I like how Mike Elgan let his imagination run its course by thinking about the things Apple flexible displays can/will be used for. His answer? Everything!

If you think about it, flexible displays are perfect for tiny devices like the much talked about iWatch and the iPod Nano. But they could also be applied to iPhones, iPod Touches, and even iPads and iMacs. There already is no lack of concept devices using flexible displays, and it is not inconceivable that Apple designers and engineers will come up with something that will change the game. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the next line of devices that will blow everything out of the water!

[Images via Cult of Mac and 9t05Mac]