How many times have you found yourself needing a flash drive really badly and not having one on you? Very soon, such worries may stay in the past, as the GIGS.2.GO new portable USB flash drive kit is coming to your aid!

The GIGS.2.GO basically consists of four USB flash drives arranged in a single package which is about the size of a credit card. Its small size allows the package to be carried around in the wallet, offering users easy access to a data storage medium when they need one.

GIGS.2.GO The Paper USB Flash Drive

Created by North Carolina product design studio BOLTgroup, this kit is made entirely of recycled paper pulp and is presented as a disposable USB data storage device. The material used is biodegradable, renewable, lightweight and cheap, making the end product quite affordable.

Each of the four drives is easily detachable thanks to the “tear and share” technology, making this an ideal product for large teams needing to share data or for emergency use in other situations. Whenever you need to share files some data, you can simply tear off a flash drive from the pack and save the data you need. Moreover, due to the fact they are made from paper, the sticks can be labeled with a pen or marker.

paper USB flash drive

Each of the four thumb drives offers 1 GB of storage, which is a rather surprising capability for what is intended to be a single-use product. Although made of recycled paper, the sticks however seem sturdy enough to withstand repeated uses, which is always desirable for a USB flash drive.

An ideal data storage solution for business meetings, sharing music or videos or any other large files, this paper USB flash drive kit is yet in development, with no news on when it may be available for general purchase. We can only hope it will happen soon!

[Images via The Dieline]