In the continuing war of tech giants the latest battle takes place on the browser platform. Two of the world’s most renowned companies Microsoft and Google are taking each other head on in a battle to prove who has the best browser. If we take a trip down memory lane then we will be able to see how Microsoft’s internet explorer dominated this domain. There was no sign of Google Chrome but since then a lot has changed. Google has improved its browser massively and currently is the preferred choice of consumers. This can be put down to Microsoft’s declining performance in recent years and Google’s impressive rise as a real powerhouse. However the scenario could be set to change once again as Microsoft is set to unveil its IE11(internet explorer 11). This latest version is said to be equipped with all the latest features and it will pose a challenge to Chrome’s supremacy.

IE11 Expected to Take Google Chrome Head-On

Recently the highly anticipated update to Microsoft Windows 8 was leaked showing a glimpse of what could be in the offing. This has left many people wondering about this comeback attempt by Microsoft. The update called Windows Blue was a reminder to the tech world that Microsoft still has what it takes to go up against the best.

In 2011 Microsoft had announced that they would not be incorporating the Web GL feature into their browser because they had security concerns. But now it seems that the tech team at Microsoft has changed their mind and we might actually get to see this feature on the new Internet Explorer.

The Web GL feature basically allows you to get access to third party services to enhance your web experience. Previously Microsoft was unsure whether this system would be well protected. However now it seems that they have overcome these fears and are ready to launch this new feature.

This could mean that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is ready to take on Google Chrome in a head on battle. So should Google worry about this? Well only time will tell how this new update turns out. Chrome has dominated the market in recent times because of its web GL feature and now Microsoft looks ready to follow suit. This will at least put them on par with Chrome if not ahead of it.

The internet is now becoming more and more diverse. Any company that refuses to accept these technological advances is likely to be left behind. Microsoft seems to have realized this and is now making an effort to regain the lost market share.

[Image via theverge]