A little more than a month after the official Samsung Galaxy S IV features were announced, real people around the world are starting to get their hands on actual handsets. If you think about it, the wait has not been that long, but the hype certainly has been impressive. Of course, we cannot discount the fact that in many cases, the hype does not mean the actual device lives up to expectations. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, though, does that apply?

Is The Samsung Galaxy S IV A Hit?

For one thing, it looks like consumers have been jumping into the Samsung Galaxy S IV bandwagon. In the UK alone, it looks like the demand has overtaken the supply, resulting in a shortage of Samsung Galaxy S IV units. It seems that even those who have pre-ordered their units may run into some problems. Then again, one can argue that this demand is a result of the hype more than people actually having had the chance to be blown away by the newest Galaxy phone.

Speaking of being blown away, though, it seems that even iPhone users have been impacted by Samsung because of its latest phone. Well, at least this one iPhone user.  He might be one published voice in the wilderness, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if we hear of others…

Samsung Galaxy S IV

And, if you trust the Ars Technica brand, they have a very comprehensive (as usual) review of the S IV. If you are particular about the details, you’ll enjoy the four-page analysis. As for the casual reader, I think one line is enough: “It’s an extremely solid phone, and it’s going to be hard to go back to the S III after a week with this one.”

How about the sales figures?

Obviously, we don’t have solid numbers at this point, what with the slightly different launch dates PLUS the delays in some parts of the world. We do know that the S III sold 50 million units, and with the demand for the S IV being “overwhelming”, it is safe to say that this figure will be surpassed easily.

So is Samsung’s latest phone a hit or not? If the early signs are anything to go by, I think we can go with hit.

[Images via Android Authority and Funky Space Monkey]