For a product that hasn’t even hit the market, Google Glass is generating an insane amount of attention. Not only are consumers getting excited about this product but larger businesses, organizations and even market analysts are speculating on the effect this new innovation will have on the market and everyday life. Strongly believed by market analysts that the release of Google Glass will mark a new era of technology which is wearable and mobile, there seems to be little data to prove that rumor wrong.

Microsoft Might Launch Competitor to Google Glass Next Year

With Samsung working to release a smartwatch to the masses and Apple continuously being rumored to release an iWatch, it is no surprise that Microsoft is rumored to be working on making their own version of Google Glasses. However, it should be noted that Microsoft in no way has made this little rumor official and at this point, it is basically conjecture by Brian White, an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets.

Although, it is probable that Microsoft will release something to challenge Google, their little skirmishes to one up each other in the market almost necessitate this step; the rumor is still very vague and lacking in details though. . Can it be donned like the spectacles for Google Glass or in some other form? And will they really be released in 2014?

Microsoft Might Launch Competitor to Google Glass Next Year

Microsoft files patent that suggests it will go head to head with Google’s Glass concept

Without any solid data to support the answers to these questions, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft had wished to provide its Xbox 720 gamers with some sort of gaming glasses that could add and enhance their game play.

However, before you start jumping with glee and throw your money in the air with joy, here’s a thought to put a damper on your spirits. There has been no news or comments from Microsoft to deny or give credibility to Mr. White’s prediction. Although a patent had been filed for gaming glasses by Microsoft last year; the patent has remained a patent and no product has yet been forthcoming in the market.

Moreover, we are now faced with a new, more mature and grown up Microsoft that is a much wiser and quieter contender in the market and which loves to keep its secrets to itself. With the release of Windows 8 and other members of the Windows Blue family, it does seem that Microsoft has its hands full at the moment while catering to their Windows consumers. However, the noisy demands of the gaming community for the Xbox 720 and the gaming glasses might be able to catch Microsoft’s attention and compel the latter to reveal something.

Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be for Microsoft’s nonchalant attitude, one thing is guaranteed that Microsoft will not allow Google to gain the upper hand. Let’s keep our fingers crossed because everyone knows that their rivalry and competition means more options for the consumer and who wouldn’t love to have two to three types of Google Glass-ish technological pieces in the market?

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