Big tech companies are working harder to attract and retain workers.  More than ever, technology allows for a mobile workforce.  However, the largest purveyors of technology are increasingly expanding their headquarters and adding more and more perks for employees. Some experts in the field see this as an effort to compete for talent.  It also appears to be a means by which tech companies can entice their workers to remain at work as much as humanly possible.

New headquarters and expansions are taking place at the majority of the major firms of Silicon Valley.  This includes such companies as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Intel, eBay, Netflix, Nvidia and Oracle. Many tech companies say that it is necessary to offer a spectacular work environment in order to retain top talent, as well as to foster innovation and creativity.   The perks offered by these companies extend beyond the standard fare offered by most work environments.

At 176 acres, Apple’s new campus will be one of the world’s largest workplaces.  The interior offers ping pong tables, Lego stations, and gaming arcades.  They also offer free haircuts. Facebook’s new campus includes a B-B-Q shack, sushi house and bike shop.  Facebook currently offers employees outdoor movies, a taqueria, and an artist in residence.  Additionally, employees have access to Ben Barry’s Analog Research Laboratory, which provides laser cutters, woodworking tools, silk-screening supplies and a letter press machine.

Another famously employee friendly tech company, Google offers its share of quirky perks.  Google employees can play pool, have a beer, and even bring their dogs to work. If they get tired, they can take a nap in a nap pod.  The office also has a climbing wall, bowling alley, gyms, cafes, and laundry facilities. There is a community garden that allows employees to get their hands dirty planting seeds, as well as access to classes on a wide variety of subjects.  They also offer childcare, as well as a host of other traditional benefits.

New Perks for Tech Workers

Lady Gaga visiting Google as part of the Musicians@Google program. Just one of Google’s ‘out of the box’ perks.

Can you imagine working somewhere that has some of these perks? Or maybe you have your own ideas of what you would enjoy at your workplace.

[Images via mashable & evolver]