Nokia may be a dark horse in the smartphone race, but the company has not shown signs of giving up just yet. Just the opposite, Nokia has explored many paths in an effort to continue drawing breath. It has its critics, just like any other phone manufacturer, but it has churned out some products which have actually caught the attention of consumers who are not fixated on anything Apple or Samsung brings to the market.

Nokia Lumia Catwalk

The Lumia series, in particular, has injected some life into Nokia. It has been reported that a few million Lumia 920s have been sold – few in comparison to the other major players, but not negligible for the company. They also have not ignored the market for cheaper phones, with the production of lower end Lumias.

They have even reached the point where leaks about upcoming products are made! The Lumia 920 was successful enough to warrant attention from technophiles, leading to interest in its successor, the Nokia Lumia Catwalk. It’s but a codename, and we might see that change in time, but the rumor is that the latest phone from Nokia will be keeping up with the times and will be sporting a new aluminum chassis!

The source of the leak is China’s leading social networking site, Sina Weibo, and while the images are not 100% guaranteed to be real, those who work in this realm have given the leak their vote of confidence.

New Nokia Windows Phone Ditches Plastic For Aluminum [Leak]

While I can’t help but give a nod of approval to the idea that aluminum will be used instead of plastic (that looks and feels cheap no matter how awesome the phone may be), I think I won’t be alone in pleading Nokia to hire better designers. If they want to be competitive, that is. It can’t just be me who thinks those photos show how ugly the phone is!

In any case, details of interest about the Nokia Lumia Catwalk are:

  • 4.5” display with an OCTA display
  • S4 1.5GHz dual-core CPU
  • 16GB of storage (down from 32GB)
  • 2000mAh battery
  • 8.7MP OIS camera with LED flash

Will this development be enough to make you consider the Nokia Lumia Catwalk?

[Images via WP Central]