Would you like to play your favorite PC game on a tablet or another mobile device without turning down graphics quality? This may happen sooner than you think, thanks to the new Kepler mobile graphics chip from Nvidia.

The video chip manufacturer has been investing big bucks into adjusting its top quality Kepler PC graphics chip to run on mobile devices as well. We all know that games are very demanding, eating up a lot of computer power and resources. Since handheld devices’ chips cannot generally process that amount of work while keeping power consumption at low levels, mobile graphics have been lagging behind PC performance.

Kepler mobile chip

But Nvidia has apparently managed to solve that problem by significantly reducing the size the power consumption of its Kepler chip. The new technology will be included in the next generation Tegra 5 (Logan) SoC series and will be able to render some of the latest and most challenging game releases on mobile devices, which has been virtually impossible before. The company says the Kepler mobile will also enable smartphones or tablets to run advanced DirectX 11 graphics, for a significantly enhanced gaming experience.

And if you think this sounds impossible, you should know Nvidia has already released a video that showcases the capabilities of its next generation graphics chip. In the video, the Kepler mobile chip’s game performance is compared to that of fourth generation iPad technology. Check it out below:

Kepler Mobile demo from VentureBeat on Vimeo.

And Kepler is definitely the winner: although not yet at PC level, the graphics are exponentially better than with any other mobile devices on the market at this moment. The mobile chip was tested with PC game Battlefield 3 and revealed stunning graphics, with much more detail, better lighting and particle effects and a smooth gameplay.

The next generation Kepler Mobile chip is expected to be available for tablet or smartphone use late next year, so Nvidia has plenty of time to give it the necessary touches and make it even better for gaming on mobile devices.

[Image via Stuff]