These days robots are a lot more than just interesting characters in a science fiction film. Current models able to perform numerous tasks such as serving as cooks and waiters in a restaurant, and even vacuum and  wash windows.

Boomerang, a New Jersey startup, takes this robotic technology to the next level in attempt to solve the urban parking dilemma.

Automated Parking System

Boomerang’s Automated Parking System provides a way to store vehicles without needed assistance from humans, while maximizing storage space and cutting energy cost. The system is an innovative structure equipped with the company’s specially designed Rack and Rail System, which works hand in hand with the Robotic Valet to maneuvers the automobiles around the garage.

How it works

Drivers will pull their car into a parking bay that will place their vehicle into a large steel tray. Then the Robotic Valet, a large flat vehicular device, takes over from there. The robot, that is capable of lifting up to 7000 lbs., slides under the car and lifts it 2 inches the garage floor, and moves it to an available parking space by following a buried wire in the floor. Instead of needing to build ramps, the system moves the cars to upper levels by a lift. Also, there is no need for ventilation or light within the parking area, since all of the driving and parking is automated. When drivers are ready to retrieve their car, they can use their smartphone to alert the system.

Robotic Valet: The Future of Parking

Space Saver

The garages use AGV (automated guided vehicle) technology, and a full range of motion rack and rail system. This allows for higher density parking within the facility and the ability to park vehicles with the accuracy of quarter-inch. This system could bring value to real estate development projects and a more efficient parking solution in urban areas, considering that the system is only consuming approximately half the space of conventional parking garages.

Woudl you let a robot park your car?

[Images via nicholasrapp & alibaba]