Samsung is doing it again – following in the footsteps of number one competitor, Apple. It has been said many times before, and I am sure Apple fans would not mind me saying it again: Samsung sure knows its way around copying. Not that Apple is the king of original either! After all, we’re talking about the company who is also not a stranger to being “inspired” by the work of others – and just making things better.

Samsung Experience Shop

As we enter the second quarter of 2013, Samsung is taking aggressive steps to bringing its products to the masses.

Enter Samsung Experience Shops, all 1,400 of them.

You know how many Apple fans enjoy a trip to their nearest Apple Store even if they’re not really there to buy something? Well, Samsung is going to replicate that experience, or at least try. It’s not exactly the same, though, as the Samsung stores will not be standalone establishments. Instead, the Samsung Experience Shops will be located within Best Buy branches.

From being a small audio specialty store called Sound of Music back in 1966, Best Buy has expanded its operations so much so that it has become the largest electronics retail store in the country. It even has branches in other countries as well.

That being said, having Samsung stores within Best Buy branches is not such a bad deal for the brand. Today, 500 Samsung Stores will be launched, with 400 more added next month. By summer, the target of 1,400 stores will be hit.

Will we be seeing Geniuses in the Samsung stores – or at least their counterparts? The news is that there will be Best Buy personnel to take care of the customers, but there will also be “experience consultants”, who will be hired by Samsung. Ketrina Dunagan, a Samsung VP, seemed to take a shot at Geniuses by saying “Our goal is not we remain expert and you remain subservient to us. We want [customers to feel] empowered, valued and delighted such that you become the expert, not us.

So if you want to be the one on top – not some t-shirt clad Genius – head over to the nearest Best Buy. You can hang out at the Samsung Experience Shop and become the expert.

Learn more about the Samsung Experience Shop here.

[Image via AllThingsD]