It seems the end of trouble is nowhere in sight for Electronic Arts’ city building simulator SimCity. The game already had various bugs, but the patch released recently just added more errors instead of fixing them.

It’s true, however, that some of the new bugs that came with SimCity patch 2.0 are actually hilarious: overflowing sewerage systems, trees that make siren noises, taxi invasions and fires that keep on burning no matter what the player does. Gamers have basically flooded EA’s official forums to report the errors encountered, which include texture drop outs, not being able to move past the loading screen and even the game crashing.

SimCity Patch Comes with More Bugs

Some of the reported bugs actually had to do with areas of the game that the patch was supposed to address, according to the developers. Before releasing the update, EA said it would include fixes for many notable problems faced by gamers, including emergency response, mass transit and others.

The update promised to also address how the game’s fire trucks work, so as not to clog the streets around a fire anymore. We’re not sure how that went, but it was reported that after the patch, fire trucks were no longer able to put out any fires.

This was the first major update to the Electronic Arts and Maxis game since its release in March. Bugs aside, the patch still failed to address the main concern of many players: the fact that the game does not have an offline mode.

SimCity, which developers hope to release for cross-platform PC-Mac play in June, has had a rocky launch, as servers were not able to handle large numbers of players online simultaneously. Even if this issue was eventually addressed, many players are still disgruntled that they need a constant Internet connection to play the game.

But all the criticism doesn’t seem to have affected the city building simulator’s commercial success. EA has yet to address the new bugs of patch 2.0, but the company recently announced that SimCity has been bought by 1.3 million people so far.

[Image via Polygon]