Raise a hand all of you who drum their steering wheels while listening to their favorite rock band in their car, at the red lights or during a traffic jam! But what would you say if that mindless drumming would actually turn into music? Here comes the Smack Attack RITW, promising to turn steering wheel tapping into something awesome!

All right, this project may not have any evident life-changing applications, but it sounds like a lot of fun. The RITW in the name stands for “Re-Inventing the Wheel,” which is what this gadget wants to do. It is actually a steering wheel cover that allows you to entertain yourself while driving, by playing along your favorite songs.

Smart Attack Gadget or Reinventing the Steering Wheel

Developers Smack Attack Corporation say the cover fits any steering wheel and works without any special installation. The gadget has eight sensors that correspond to eight different drum sounds, but you can add other sounds as well. The RITW can also record your performances for later playback.

The sound is output to your car stereo via FM transmitter and you can either listen to it as solo drumming or mix it with whatever music you’re listening to. In newer car models, plug your iPhone into the audio system and the RITW will communicate with it by Bluetooth.

The RITW is currently on Kickstarter and can be obtained for a $149 pledge. Its goal is to raise $200,000 until May 27, which would allow the manufacturers to start mass production.

This device could be fun, especially for amateur and professional drummers, but we’re not sure how safe it is to be actually used while driving. Any device that takes your mind off driving could prove to be dangerous. But Smack Attack RITW inventor Gregor Hanuschak disagrees and insists that the gadget is not like other distractions, such as texting or talking on the phone. Hanuschak believes the gadget will actually keep drivers alert and thus reduce the likelihood of an accident.

[Image via Mashable]