T-Mobile on Friday morning began selling the iPhone 5 and customers were thrilled. Many T-Mobile locations around the United States witnessed lines as customers waited outside stores for the chance to grab a $99 iPhone 5.

The low cost of the device is available to customers who are also willing to add $20 per month to their contracts. T-Mobile is removing the charge if customers bring their own device or move over to T-Mobile from a competing US mobile carrier.

Until today T-Mobile customers could only gain access to the network if they brought an unlocked iPhone to the company. Apparently T-Mobile customers really wanted iOS based devices considering lines are forming for a six month old smartphone.

T-Mobile Unlocked iPhone sales begin

Proof of lines formering was tweeted by BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk. Other tweets from customers around the country also reported small lines outside various locations.

While the lines are not as long as we witnessed when AT&T Wireless first received exclusive iPhone access, it still showcases the power Apple has to attract and retain customers for wireless networks.

T-Mobile currently reaching 26 million customers and Apple iPhone 5 interest could be great news for Apple. Recent reports suggest that Foxconn orders from Apple have fallen by 19 percent year-over-year. If Apple iPhone interest is in fact waning the T-Mobile offer could help spur further sales.

The move to introduce the iPhone 5 could also lower sales for Samsung and other Android based platform providers who roamed free on the T-Mobile wireless network since the T-Mobile G1 ushered in the Android OS.

In any case T-Mobile now has the fire power to fight back against AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint Wireless.

The real question now will be whether or not T-Mobile can maintain its new momentum. The company recently announced plans to purchase MetroPCS, a move that will add millions of new customers to the company’s portfolio.

T-Mobile Lines forming

[Images via Piecykw and T-Mobile]