The organizers of the Tribeca Film Festival highlighted just how simple, everyday technology can be used to create something that will stand out and showcase your talent with #6SecFilms. The competition was announced a month or so ago, encouraging users of the popular app Vine to send in their best short videos as part of the festival. Call it sub-competition if you will, and it did attract quite a good amount of attention. With $600 up for grabs for a “mere” 6-second film, the attention is quite understandable.

Tribeca Film Festival Short List of Vine #6SecFilms

Last week, the Tribeca Film Festival announced the short list of #6SecFilms, which is comprised of 40 Vines. The app has been dubbed the Instagram for video, and integrating its use in a creative competition is definitely something that benefits both users and the creators of the app, not to mention more promotion for the film festival.

From over 400 entries, the organizers have chosen 40 Vines over four categories.

#GENRE: the category for all the sci-fi Vines, western Vines, LOLcat Vines, and comedy Vines.

#AUTEUR: for stories and/or scripts that are truly unique.

#ANIMATE: the category for filmmakers that see Vine as the perfect medium for some creative animation and don’t want to deal with the live-action riffraff.

#SERIES: for stories that need more than six seconds; films under this category come in three parts.

These 40 Vines will be judged by some of the best people in the business, including Penny Marshall (director, producer, and actress), Adam Goldberg (actor, director, and producer), and 5-Second Films (not exactly just one person, but they are icons on YouTube and are the best role models for those who want to make it in the short film niche).

The creations that made it to the final list of #6SecFilms are a really varied bunch. Head over to the Tribeca Film Festival web site to browse the shortlisted videos under each category. It is too late to join the competition now, but this could serve as an inspiration!

[Image via TechCrunch]