Epic Games displayed its innovative gaming platform at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2013). The Unreal Engine 4 gives the power to game developers through the new Unreal Kismet, which allows for  graphic creation and updates while being in-game and in real-time, with instant visual results. Though the gaming engine was designed for the developers, it will in turn have a great and beautiful effect on what die-hard gamers will get to experience in the future.

Unreal Engine 4 Changes Gaming

The company’s wants game graphics to become equal to today’s powerful graphic cards like Nvidia’s  GTX line. The engine appears ready to meet that challenge, and is helping designers create high-end visuals with dynamic lighting features while cutting down on development time and making it easy to develop games for low-spec PCs.

Features and Highlights

For gamers, the breathtakingly smooth visual results will be the only thing that matters. However, developers will be introduced to a number of tools and features that will speed up  the development process while enabling them to create photorealistic games.

Hot Reload lets developers make in game updates that never requires you to pause gameplay. Quickly locate and edit C++code, and watch the game instantly reveal your changes. Once an update is complete, Instant Game Preview allows developers to sawn a  player to play anywhere without needing to wait on saving files.

Browse C++ functions directly on game characters with Code View, then jump to source code lines in Visual Studio to make update.

Live Kismet Debugging allows for debugging and updating gameplay behaviors live through the Simulate Mode. This mode is a tool where you can run game logic in editor viewport and inspect AI while performing character actions.

See for Yourself

To get a glimpse of what the new platform has to offer, check out the incredible graphics in the Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Demo below:

[Image via geforce]