Rdio, the subscription service known for its streaming music now has a sister company called Vdio. Now available in the US and the UK, Vdio is a digital rental service for movies and television shows. Currently the service is available on desktop and as an iPad app, with more platforms to come in the future. Paid Rdio subscribers will be the first to experience the site and can expect a “special preview” which will include $25 or £20 in rental credit for trying out the service.

Vdio launched in US and UK

Share Shows and Movies with Friends

One of the most unique features of the service is the social aspect which allows you to see what friends in your social networks. like Facebook, are watching, and also lets you share your own Sets, which are like playlists for movies and shows. You will also be able to see what friends are viewing in real time and can skip to their exact spot in the show.

Not a Typical Subscription Based Service

Although Rdio is a paid subscription service, Vdio is not, at least not yet. This is due to the fact that Vdio is promising current TV shows such as Mad Men, Homeland, and Downton Abbey, to be rentable just one day after airing. This is something that subscription based companies like Netflix cannot offer.

The best explanation came from the chief executive of both Vdio and Rdio,  Drew Larner, who stated, “When we thought about doing a video service, knowing the licensing challenges and the way things are windowed especially on the TV side, we wanted to launch with the newest and best content. To do that you have to use the transactional model.”  He continued by saying “To get a film like Argo now, you have to be transactional, even though it will be on services like Netflix eventually. In time, there will be very interesting things for us to pursue in terms of a combined subscription offering with Rdio.”

So at least for the time being, the service may seem more like having a Redbox right in your home, letting you rent from tons of content, including New Releases and newly aired TV shows. What do you think about the new rental service, and does it sound like a service you would use?

[Image via gizmodo]