Microsoft has made a new announcement that it is renaming Windows Blue. The new name given to the much anticipated update will be Windows 8.1. The name change is unlikely to have much effect as people are only concerned with the actual features of the update. Some have even called it foolish but branding experts claim that every small detail matters and it could give the brand a lift.

Many say that even if a name change was necessary then they should have gone for something more catchy and attractive. Windows 8.1 sounds rather boring but branding experts probably know best. History tells us that name changes can often bring success to a company but this is probably more of a superstition as the product’s value actually decides where it ends up.

Windows Blue Rechristened

Microsoft has probably taken this step to keep the new update as a part of the Windows 8 family. Consumers will be able to better relate to it this way. The “blue” name may still be used for an external project but nothing is certain at this stage. The term “Mango” that was used to describe Windows phone 7.5 may have been the catalyst behind the “Windows blue” name but it seems that Microsoft are changing their strategy.

Some rumors had also spread recently that the new update might be called Windows 9 but it proved to be untrue. The idea behind the “Windows blue” name could possibly have been an effort to gain the audience’s interest. But the change in strategy shows that all new updates in the future are all likely to fall under the Windows 8 banner. Some reports had also indicated a change in logo with the new name but it seems that Microsoft will be unwilling to compromise on their brand identity after all.

This change in the name possibly suggests that Microsoft is planning to diversify their product line and we can expect more updates in the future.  Experts claim that Microsoft has got a lot of potential in their Windows 8 product line which is why they are looking to expand within it rather than switching to a different name.

The news of the update has got everyone excited and it seems that we will keep on hearing more news until the update is actually launched. The rechristening of Windows Blue could be a positive sign for Microsoft but only time will tell what the future holds.

[Image via nextofwindows]