Every consumer who has shopping smarts monitors the market for when their desired gadgets take a dive price-wise. In fact, price drops for any device are considered treats by tech enthusiasts. But there are price drops, and there are price drops. There are price drops which may point to new versions in the near future. There are price drops which are the harbingers of bad news for the manufacturers. Guess what it looks like for Windows RT tablets?

Windows RT Tablets Suffer Price Drops

According to Agam Shah of IDG News Service, Windows RT tablet prices are plummeting, and it is not because a new version is coming out. He highlighted poor adoption of the tablets, as well as convertibles with the operating system. There are definitely some unhappy campers in the manufacturer’s side.

What does the price drop mean?

Windows RT was launched in October of last year, hand in hand with Windows 8. The difference between the two is that the former is meant for ARM-based devices, while the latter is meant for Intel-based devices. We know how Windows 8 is faring, not spectacularly but still much better off than Windows RT, which has been on the receiving end of doomsday predictions in the past months. In fact, Shah’s latest findings – the plummeting of the prices of Windows RT tablets – are being quoted as supporting evidence that the OS is dying.

Should you buy now?

Whether Windows RT is dead or not, the fact that tablets running on the OS are still on sale – and at lower prices. While you will hardly find anyone who will recommend Windows RT, if you’re hellbent on using it, you can save anywhere from $50 to more than $200 by scouring online stores. Tip: Check out Amazon for Asus’ VivoTab RT.

In my personal opinion, though, why spend several hundred dollars on something that won’t give you as good an experience as an iPad or a Samsung tablet? Heck, go for a tablet running Windows 8 for that matter. Not all price drops present good opportunities for consumers.

[Image via Microsoft]