When Google Glass was first “announced” back in early 2012, the rumor mill went on overdrive. Speculation was rife about what Google was planning to do. Wearable technology ideas were thrown left and right. Augmented reality rumors were even brought up. At this point, with Google Glass being available to a few people, we know much more about Google’s “next big thing”, but I wager that many an average consumer still is not totally clear about what Google Glass can do.

Sure, we know that it gives the user the power to be connected by merely wearing the device. You can take pictures, tweet, and do all sorts of stuff you can do with your smartphone right now. But what are the Google Glass features that will really convince you to shell out hundreds – maybe a thousand – dollars for something that, depending on your perspective, looks really cool or really dorky?

Here are some of the Google Glass features that just might push you over the line of doubt.

1. Prism screen display

It really is the stuff science fiction is made of, except that it is science reality now! The highlight of all Google Glass features, this screen displays data without obstructing your view, plus it is actually the equivalent of a 25-inch high def screen eight feet away. It’s something that Tony Stark himself would wear, I think.

7 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You it is the Future

2. Take pictures/video

This feature is a boon and a bane, depending on how concerned you are with privacy. On the one hand, you can easily take photos and videos just by issuing a voice command. Yeah, you might look/sound silly doing that, but it sure it convenient! Of course, privacy issues are already being raised at this point. Still, having the ability to take a picture/video of what you actually see rather than having to hold up your phone is going to change our habits. A lot.

7 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You

3. Start and hold a Google+ Hangout

I am not sure just how convincing this feature is if you are not a Google+ user. Then again, the news is that users are leaving Facebook in hordes and that Google+ is gaining more traction. It is probably not unthinkable to see more people using the other social network in the near future. And if this is the case, being able to engage in a Google+ Hangout using Google Glass will certainly be handy.

7 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You

4. Text message

Of all the Google Glass features, this is probably one of the most convincing, especially for those who are constantly hunched over their phones texting. This also extends to emails, by the way. To be honest, the mere thought of not having to hold the phone/tablet to check mails/text messages and reply to them is more than enough to entice me to start saving for Google Glass.

7 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You

5. Google Maps

For people like me who are already totally reliant on Google Maps to get around their own city without being ripped off by cab drivers who prefer to take the “scenic route”, Google Glass’s Maps integration is essential. Turn-by-turn directions included.

7 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You

6. Translate

Love to travel but can’t speak a foreign language if your life depended on it? No need to worry if you have Google Glass with you. It can help with translation, even if it’s another person speaking to you in a strange language. At the moment, this feature is not fully developed yet, and there are probably issues with Internet connectivity, but once this feature gets there, it will be awesome.

7 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You

7. iOS Compatibility in the works

This is not really a specific feature if you think about it, but one of the main concerns of consumers is that Google Glass will not be compatible with their other devices. The good news is that they are working on iOS compatibility for important Google Glass features like turn-by-turn directions and text messaging.

There really is no reason not to try out the Google Glass, even with only these seven features, is there? Perhaps the current price of $1500 is a tad steep, but if Google pulls the price down to half – or less, as some think will happen – then it is not going out on a limb to predict that Google Glass really will be the next big thing in consumer tech. There are critics – pessimists will always be present and loud, even – but a lot remains to be seen, and if these features work excellently, I honestly can’t see why you wouldn’t be convinced to go the Google Glass way.

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