The smartwatch market is where the money is now, apparently. After Pebble’s fulminating crowdfunding campaign raised over $10 million dollars, while the manufacturers’ initial goal was $100,000, another smartwatch seems to be treading the same path.

The Agent smartwatch, designed by New York custom electronics firm Secret Labs and by watchmakers House of Horology, exceeded its $100,000 goal in just one day and is now at over $670,000.

Agent Smartwatch Boasts Extra Power Features

Presented as the world’s smartest watch, the Agent is similar to the Pebble in many regards, but it boasts reduced power consumption and wireless charging capabilities.

More specifically, the Agent has two processors and other power management tools that keep its battery running for 7 days of typical use, with various smart features running, and 30 days in watch face only mode. The main processor, an 120 MHz ARM Cortex-M4, handles the most demanding tasks, while the secondary processor handles simple background tasks.

As for the wireless recharging feature, developers say it came naturally, given that their smartwatch is water resistant. The Agent is recharged wirelessly with the help of a Qi charging pad, simply by being placed on top of the pad.

The Agent also sports a 1.28 inches, 128×128 pixel resolution display that manufacturers say goes with any outfit. Other features include ambient light sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a Bluetooth 4.0 connection that allows users to easily link their smartwatch to their smartphone.

Agent Smartwatch Boasts Extra Power Features

What further distinguishes this smartwatch from others is that it runs a custom operating system based on the Microsoft .NET runtime environment. It also allows users to easily write their own apps using C# and Microsoft Visual Studio. The Agent is compatible with iOS and Android, but also with Windows Phone 8.

Having surpassed their initial goal on Kickstarter, developers are ready to start mass producing the smartwatch, with first shipments expected later this year, for a retail price of about $249. Backers can still get their own Agent watch for a $149 pledge.

[Images via PRWeb & androydz]