Apple’s plans to implement Liquidmetal may be moving along at a quick pace. The company on Monday posted a job listing for a mechanical engineer with a strong knowledge in materials and manufacturing processes.

Among the skills listed in the post is knowledge with the bulk-metallic glass alloy. Over the last few years Apple has invested in the Liquidmetal process but to date only specialized parts have been created, such as the SIM card ejector pin found in older Apple iPhone models.

In the job listing Apple asks for someone with “a broad understanding of materials and manufacturing process such as joining (press lamination, gluing, heat staking).”


The engineer who wins the job will also need skills in CNC milling and turning, injection molding, MIM, die casting, extrusion, and sheet forming. All of those listed skills are necessary for any engineer hoping to work with Liquidmetal.

Think you have what it takes for the job? You’ll also need to understand plastics and injection molding and have experience with mechanical fabricated parts, fixtures, jigs, and more.

Apple signed an exclusive agreement with the developer of Liquidmetal way back in 2010 and the tech giant renewed that license in 2012.

Liquidmetal is a new class of amorphous alloy that is said to have “twice the strength of titanium.” The alloy takes top qualities from other materials to create something better.

Apple could use the material to mold new designs for its devices. While Liquidmetal is extremely tough it can also be molded and injected into plastic.

With its highly flexible yet super-strong features Apple hopes to build far more complex shapes with Liquidmetal. While Apple could use the material to strengthen its phone casings the real strength of Liquidmetal lies in creating smaller and more intricate components that are not possible with other metals.

Liquidmetal Technologies has warned that the creation of large objects with its technology is still several years away. Despite that warning rumors continue to point towards Liquidmetal created iPhones and iPads.

How would you like to see Liquidmetal being used?

[Image via Into Mobile]