Nowadays we take Internet connectivity for granted, so much that we don’t realize how big a problem it may be to check your emails while on a trip to Africa, for instance. With this new gadget from Ushahidi, you will not have to worry about this anymore: here comes the BRCK, the backup generator for the Internet.

The device was developed based on the idea that people nowadays require constant connectivity for most of their activities, work related or not, so a steady Internet connection regardless of infrastructure or power supply is an absolute must. A solid Internet connection can also be a life-saver in the event of emergencies or natural disasters.

BRCK: The Internet Backup Generator

BRCK is actually a mobile hotspot that offers multiple Internet connection options, no matter where you are and what conditions you’re facing. The brick-shaped gadget works like a hotspot for up to 20 devices and connects through Ethernet and Wi-Fi but also via 3G or 4G mobile phone networks.

The device will get online automatically, as soon as it is linked to a wired or wireless connection or a SIM card. After it connects, the BRCK is registered and offers a secure connection, making sure that only you and the users you authorize have access. And if AC power fails, you don’t have to worry about losing connectivity: the device is also equipped with its own battery, which can last up to eight hours.

BRCK users also get access to the Ushahidi BRCK Cloud website, where they can test the device’s connection and electricity parameters. The device is equipped with a cloud-based system that allows the BRCK to be synced with other devices and to run new services, including user-created apps.

Manufacturer Ushahidi was originally formed in Kenya in 2008, to map reports of post-election violence. Since then, it has become a non-profit, open-source company whose main goal is to find ways to improve the information flow around the world.

The company has taken the BRCK to Kickstarter, where it is hoping to raise $125,000 in the first stage, in order to start manufacturing the device as soon as possible. Those who pledge as little as $200 will receive their own BRCK, most likely by November.

[Image via Kickstarter]