Electronic Arts is keeping very busy these days, to the great joy of hardcore gamers everywhere. Besides developing hoards of new titles, the world’s third largest gaming company has also revealed a new engine for next generation platforms, EA Sports Ignite.

The Ignite was officially unveiled at the Xbox One event last week, where it left sports game fans drooling. According to EA Sports executive VP Andrew Wilson, the new engine was designed so as to further blur the line between the real world and the virtual one.

EA Sports Ignite, the Next-Gen Game Engine

EA has already released a trailer showcasing the new engine’s capabilities. The trailer covers all of the new titles that the gaming company is developing around the Ignite engine: FIFA, NBA Live, UEFA and Madden NFL. These four new titles will be available for Microsoft’s new console Xbox One and for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 in the next 12 months.

Capable of performing four times more calculations per second, the Ignite promises an unprecedented amount of detail, incredible graphics and animations and ten times more depth. The engine will further enrich the sports gaming experience by allowing for dynamic sidelines and 3D crowds.

The new engine uses human like intelligence and true player motion to offer an enhanced, immersive gaming experience and more intelligent AI. Athletes in the game will be capable of advanced decision-making and lifelike motion capacities – players will be able to smoothly change the characters’ direction and speed.

Wilson explained that EA Sports put several years of work and investment in the new engine, with the purpose of delivering an unprecedented degree of accuracy and realism. And judging by what we’ve seen in the launch trailer, they succeeded.

The EA Sports Ignite does a very fine job of further blurring the line between the real and the virtual. So much that you may sometimes need a magnifying glass to tell the difference. Together with next-generation consoles, the new engine will literally make games come alive, offering players a significantly more emotional and entertaining experience.

Check out the amazing trailer and let us know what you think of EA Sports’ new game engine in the comments below:

[Image via Einfo games]