Wouldn’t you like to play your favorite mobile games on a larger screen, say, the TV? With the GamePop console from BlueStacks, you will be able to do just that, for as little as $7 a month.

The Android-powered GamePop allows users to play their games on the TV, using an iPhone, Android smartphone or simply the included controller. But what makes GamePop different from similar consoles, such as Ouya or GameStick, is that it functions on a subscription, similar to how Netfilx is running.

GamePop Console Brings 500 Mobile Games to TV

All those interested in the console can get it for free if they order by the end of May. All they will have to pay $10 shipping costs and a $6.99 monthly subscription. In return, users will gain access to the entire GamePop library, consisting of over 500 games, which are believed to be worth over $250. The library will be refreshed over time, according to BlueStacks.

Apparently, there is no contract involved, so any user who wants to cancel the service within a year can easily do so, as long as they return the console. It has yet to be determined whether users who cancel the service will still be able to access the games they have already downloaded.

The new platform is already backed by several top game developers, such as Glu Mobile, OutFit7 and Halfbrick, along with Google application makers such as Intellijoy or Deemedya. Any in-game or in-app purchases made through the GamePop console will go to the developers, not to BlueStacks. And 50 percent of the revenue from subscriptions will be shared with the developers as well.

In what regards the console’s retail price after the May offer expires, that has to be determined. According to BlueStacks, the console and controller cost approximately $100. This price would put the console in the same league with Ouya, which is scheduled to be officially launched next month. BlueStacks are planning to start shipping the GamePop this winter.

[Image via Ars Technica]