When Google Glass makes its way onto the open market Google could push the new wearable technology  through the launching of various retail locations.

The retail locations according to a new rumor would be used to showcase the glasses while setting them up and educating customers about their use.

Google is currently helping developers setup Google Glass Explorer edition for optimal use and it is believed that the developer education program will be ported over to consumer via the Google Glass retail stores.

Google Glass Stores

According to Business Insider a second-hand source claims that Sergey Brin has been holding meetings to develop the stores. The source says users would visit a Google Glass store at which point the glasses positioning would be changed to match the users view. A Google trained employee would then walk each user through a set of basic functions for Google Glass.

Google has been touting its products recently with several stores-within-stores locations. The Google stores currently in place are used to promote Google Chromebook devices.

Google is believed to be working on retail locations that could support Chromebooks, Google Android devices, Google TV, and other products from the company’s growing line of products.

Before he stepped down as the head of Google Android Andy Rubin shot down talks of Google store locations, with more rumors popping up on a regular basis it appears more likely that Google will join Apple and Microsoft in their efforts to launch numerous retail locations around the world.

Google Glass retail stores could also help customers learn more about privacy and other issues that have been raised in regards to the glasses. Google Glass etiquette has been a hotly debated part of the wearable tech scene.

Will you be heading out to a Google Glass store to check out the new wearable technology if such stores are actually opened?

[Image via ABC News]