Linux has outgrown its status as an open source operating system, powering millions of desktops and servers over the world. It is also the basic platform for the Android OS, so you need to thank Linux for smartphones and tablets as well. The reputation of Linux has continued to grow over the years and it is more popular than ever among enterprise customers. Yet, there is something about Linux that even most of the ardent fans don’t know: the Linux car.

Is the Linux Car More Than Just A Rumor?

For years, there had been speculation that Linux was going to be used under the hood by several vehicle manufacturers. Most people dismissed it as a rumor. After all, Linux is an open source OS and not created for the sake of minting money. But, it is true. The Linux car is more than just a rumor. In fact, there are a number of cars already using Linux. Many companies are pouring millions of dollars into providing their customers with Linux when they purchase a car.

This was revealed by Matt Jones of the Jaguar Land Rover. Jones works in the infotainment systems department at Jaguar Land Rover and stated that the company was looking to use Linux to run the in-built entertainment systems in the cars they make. He announced that a subgroup of the Linux Foundation, called Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is helping the company come up with a platform to make the collaboration work. This involves providing APIs and an OS the car maker can use.

The demands of the consumers in terms of in-vehicle entertainment have increased exponentially over the years. Now, more than ever, they want high-class infotainment available to them right there in the cabin. The automobile industry has developed the paraphernalia, including screens, speakers, jacks and whatnot for the people to use when they are driving. It is in networking where they are lacking and require Linux’s help.

It can hardly be easy providing the high-speed networking people expect when they are stuck in traffic. This is why Jaguar Land Rover is looking towards Linux as a means of alleviating this concern. Jones stated that once the interface was complete, it could be used as a prototype by the entire automobile industry. This would save time and the hassle of deciding which operating system to use. This makes sense, as the OS the infotainment system is running on is hardly anyone’s concern when buying a car.

So, the Linux car is more than just a rumor and it might not be too far in the future when you see it.

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