If you always seem to misplace your keys and are worried that you might lock yourself out of your house, you should really consider buying one of these new smartphone and tablet friendly wireless Kēvo locks, developed by Kwikset and powered by UniKey.

This deadbolt lock looks like an ordinary one, but it is Bluetooth enabled and can be easily paired with your iPhone to unlock your door with a simple touch. Your phone will communicate with the lock through a special app and make it receptive to your touch and nobody else’s.

Kwikset Kēvo Locks Use iPhone as Key

And if you’re worried that this makes the lock and therefore your home more vulnerable to burglars, you should know the Kēvo has double protection: the Bluetooth 4.0 encryption and its own military-grade encryption, according to Kwikset.

If you don’t live alone, the Kēvo app allows you to create special electronic keys for any other people, as long as they have iPhones too. The system is not yet available for Android systems. Moreover, the Kēvo system is provided with a passive monitoring capability. It knows when you’re inside or outside of your house and prevents others from unlocking your door while you’re in.

But if you haven’t joined the iPhone craze, don’t despair. The Kwikset Kēvo comes with a keychain fob that enables the same features. As long as you have the key fob on you, you will still be able to open your door with a simple touch. The lock is also programmed to automatically bolt your door if tapped three times.

The system is powered by four AA batteries which are said to last for more than a said to last for over a year in normal operation conditions. Kwikset said users will be alerted when the battery levels are running low in order to replace them. And even if the digital system fails, you will still be able to get into your home with the help of a conventional key.

Official pricing details for the smart lock have not yet been released. Kwikset officials told Mashable that the deadbolt may cost around $250 and will be available for pre-orders next month, with plans to begin shipping later this summer.

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