The lighter, the better. The thinner, the more appealing. These seem to be the trends in consumer electronics, something that we observe in the latest gadgets released. From laptops to monitors to tablets to mobile phones – what catches the eye of consumers are those units that are sleek and sexy. And speaking of sleek and sexy, flexible displays are well on their way.

LG Flexible OLED Phones Coming This Year

Talk about flexible gadgets has been going around for quite some time, with Samsung leading the pack – well, initially. Samsung has taken the point position in talking about development of flexible displays, but recent rumors indicate that another brand might get there before Samsung. Apple has also been rumored to be looking at flexible displays. With the announcement that LG flexible OLED phones are coming out by the end of the year being made, Samsung and all other manufacturers need to up their pace.

The announcement about LG flexible OLED phones was made during a call which was mainly focused on the company’s financial results. As those things go, other tidbits of information are also doled out, perhaps to tantalize the news-hungry public.

Early this year, it looked like Samsung was going to beat everyone else, with the flexible OLED phone prototype being shown off during the CES. We haven’t really seen or heard anything more concrete that that since then.

As for LG, it looks like they are upping the ante by promising us something to look forward to for Christmas. We have to be realistic about the LG flexible OLED phones, though. Assuming that the manufacturer can deliver on its promise, we also need to realize that current technology (circuit boards, etc.) will not be able to handle devices that actually bend. Still, this is definitely the first step to those devices that used to be only stuff from science fiction.

Are you enticed by the thought of flexible OLED phones? Will that tempt you to switch brands if LG pulls this off?

[Image via phonedog]