Have you always wanted to be a robotics expert, but didn’t actually manage to pull in all the necessary skills and patience? The Linkbot modular robotic platform can help: it allows users to build their own robot any way they want it, piece by piece.

Manufactured by California-based firm Barobo, the Linkbot was first designed by a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor and ex graduate student from UC Davis.


The Linkbot is ready to use out of the box, as a single bot. But what makes it unique is its limitless capability to expand. The system can be extended infinitely and paired with all sorts of accessories, including wheels, legs, grippers, and camera mounts.

This feature is due to the fact that three of the Linkbot’s faces are provided with mounting surfaces. The mounting surfaces are also equipped with bolt patterns, allowing for enhanced attachment capabilities to create your very own customized robot.

All of the current accessories for the Linkbot are 3D printed. For advanced users, Barobo has made available all 3D models on its website, for download and printing at home. Moreover, you can create your own designs and upload them on the website in order to share with other users.

A customized mustached robot. Because we all want one.

A customized mustached robot. Because we all want one.

If you’re not an experienced programmer or don’t have too much time to spend coding, you’ll absolutely love the Pose Teach feature. This feature allows you to program robot motions by hand, on the outside, similar to stop-motion animation. The Linkbot will automatically translate your adjustments to code. Another nice feature is the BumpConnect, which helps create wireless connections between the robotic modules by simply touching them together.

The Linkbot weighs only 10 oz and is powered by a Li-on battery that runs for three hours before needing a recharge. The bot’s polycarbonate housing makes for a durable little gadget that can survive drops and withstand hard testing. It is provided with an Atmel VVR microcontroller with an integrated radio transceiver of 2.4GHz plus wireless capabilities. A buzzer, multicolor LEDs, a 3-axis accelerometer and control buttons add to the bot’s features.

The Linkbot modular robotic platform is now on Kickstarter, with a $40,000 target. All those interested in getting their hands on this cool bot can get a prototype plus software and MyBarobo community access for a pledge of $169.

[Images via Gizmag]