The constantly expanding market of 3D printers has just grown by one more: the LulzBot TAZ 3D printer from Aleph Objects, Inc. The TAZ 3D is 100 percent open source and boasts having the largest printing volume for a 3D printer in its price range.

The device is one of the few 3D printers that are able to print with more types of materials than the regular plastic. TAZ can print in PLA, ABS, PVA, wood filament and high-impact polystyrene. And with special add-ons, users will also be able to print in polycarbonate, nylon and other materials. It is easy to install, because unlike other printers, the LulzBot TAZ is pre-calibrated, helping users save a lot of time setting it up.

LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer Boasts Largest Build Area

The 3D printer uses open source software, so all you need to get it going after being assembled is to connect it to your computer via USB. The LulzBot TAZ is capable of printing objects at resolutions of 75 to 300 microns and at speeds of up to 200 mm per second. The device is equipped with the latest Budasch nozzle hot end version, which ensures that the printed objects will get a finer resolution and a smoother surface.

Aleph Objects’ latest printer is small enough to fit on your desk but large enough to print sizeable items. The LulzBot TAZ measures 26.8×20.5×20.3 inches. Its printing area however is 11.7×10.8×9.8 inches, which practically allows users to print items the size of a basketball.

All these specs indeed give the TAZ the largest build area for a 3D printer costing less than $5,000. However, the distinction may be soon claimed by another 3D printer. The Gigabot from :3D has a 24 cubic inch build area. It has not yet entered distribution, but it is expected to be sold either as a kit, for $2,750, or as a pre-assembled unit, for $4,000.

According to Aleph Objects, the LulzBot TAZ will require minimal maintenance, as its open source software and hardware will not become obsolete or need licensed upgrades. The TAZ is on sale now, for a retail price of $2,195.

[Image via LulzBot]