A man has been arrested for selling counterfeit copies of multimedia Adobe software, making a killing off his nefarious activities. Postal inspectors had to go undercover to uncover the fraud being carried out by the suspect, who claims he has been doing it for many years now. His modus operandi was to create fake CDs of Adobe software and then duplicate them in bulk. He used the popular online platform eBay to sell the CDs.


He cleverly priced his product at 20 to 25% lower than the average cost of Adobe software. This is what convinced people to buy the CDs from him though it seemed quite clear he was pirating the software. According to the postal inspectors who finally took him down, they had received a large number of complaints regarding piracy of Adobe software. It was then they decided to create fake profiles and interact with the suspect to find out what he was up to.

They were finally able to nab him. The surprising thing is that just by selling fake CDs of Adobe software on eBay, the suspect was able to make as much as $42,000 a month. Compared to his previous earnings, this was a serious upturn in fortunes, which undoubtedly got the authorities suspicious. Even when they arrested the man, he had around $144,000 cash on his person. Also found in his possession were numerous boxes of pirated CDs and a CD duplicator.

This is something to consider for people who fall for the traps like these set by conmen looking to swindle them off their money. A cheaper version of any product is likely to be pirated. By buying it, you make yourself part of the problem rather than resisting the urge to do so and it is injustice to the people who spent their time and effort in creating that product.

[Image via universityobserver]

SOURCE: http://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/2013/05/22/2352797/