While the highly hyped Windows 8 is considered to be one of Microsoft’s most spectacular debacles in the market since Windows Vista, it is a curious phenomenon to see how the company is keeping itself steady and afloat in the stock market. Anyone who’s kept an eye on the stock market can notice that the effects of the highly publicized Windows 8 falling in the market have in no way made a negative impact on Microsoft’s stock in the stock market.

Microsoft Stock Rising despite Slow Windows 8 Adoption

In fact, figures indicate that the stock is rising and many people have been confused since the new range of products introduced in the market by Microsoft have failed to make much of an impact in the market or be counted as hot sellers. Moreover, in the stock market, Microsoft (NASFAQ: MSFT) has seen an increase of 10% despite the disappointing sales of Windows 8 and its failure to revive the declining PC market.

Surprisingly, the stock even made it past the $30 level in its increase in value despite the fact that Microsoft was forced to slash the prices of most of its products in a bid to boost their sales once the promotional period pricing came to an end.

Although Microsoft’s future was considered to be facing some troubled waters, what with the decline of the PC industry and the failure for Windows 8 to take off, the company has had a few aces up its sleeve. With products like Windows Azure which just recently joined the ranks of Microsoft’s billion dollar businesses and Office 365 which is poised to join Windows Azure in the same club, Microsoft has successfully managed to reinforce its image as one of the most dominating presences in the global software market.

Microsoft Stock Rising despite Slow Windows 8 Adoption

Sales of Windows Azure continue to rise and with over 200,000 consumers that grow at a rate of 1000 per day, it can clearly be seen that despite Windows 8, Microsoft is secure in the market, owing to their diverse range of products. The Office and server division in particular have been able to persevere and compensate for the decline of Windows 8 and various other product lines of Microsoft are seen growing at a sustainable rate.

Also considered to be rather large in the gaming industry and with progress being made in the mobile and tablet pc industry as well, Microsoft’s flexibility, diversity and adaptability to the changing market trends are clearly evident. Their strong growth in the stock market also stands as the greatest testament towards Microsoft’s ability to function as a sustainable business despite the declining PC market.

As for Windows 8, Microsoft is quick to learn from its mistakes and is making major changes to key aspects of the operating system. Lined for release by the end of this year, it seems possible that Microsoft will be able to produce a revamped and improved version of their operating system that could deliver on what Windows 8 was supposed to deliver. Overall, market changes and fluctuations aside, Microsoft stock is definitely holding strong and growing rapidly in the stock market.

[Images via venturebeat & redpeakgroup]