The trend of gadgets becoming smaller and slimmer has been around for quite some time, only to be broken by those devices some like to call phablets. I don’t think that anyone can deny that there is a market for smaller gadgets, though, as evidenced by the popularity of the iPad Mini. One would have thought that a regular-sized tablet is small enough to carry around! In any case, Microsoft is not one to sit down and lick its wounds. In spite of the Surface not making that big of a splash, the company is plodding on. This time, with a Surface Mini.
Microsoft Surface Mini
The rumor is that Microsoft is working on a Surface Mini, an 8-inch tablet (anywhere from 7.5 to 8 inches, actually) that is no doubt “inspired” by the iPad Mini. Furthermore, sources say that we might see the Surface Mini revealed as early as June.

Aside from the size, what else do we know about the Surface Mini?

Operating system
It looks like Microsoft’s mini tablet will run Windows RT. That in itself is nothing to get excited about, especially with critics bashing the OS left and right. In this respect, one could even say that the Surface Mini is dead before its birth.

How much?
There is the matter of pricing, though. It’s been proving all throughout time: if something is priced low enough, even if it’s not the best option, there will always be takers. This just might prove to be the saving grace of the Surface Mini. IF Microsoft gets the price tag right.

At the moment, speculation is rife and wild. Price tags as low as $249 and as high as $399 have been mentioned, and we can only wonder.

The price will reign supreme
At the end of the day, whatever Microsoft decides as to the pricing, this is what’s going to determine whether or not the mini tablet will have a fighting chance. Bear in mind the price tags of other tablets in the same range – $199 for the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini at $329.

Will you consider getting a Surface Mini? What price are you willing to pay?

[Image via Extreme Tech]