The official reveal of Microsoft’s Xbox One was surrounded by a lot of hype, quite naturally; and when the news was finally broken, enthusiasts and critics alike were not lacking for things to say. For one thing, the name was not exactly what practically everyone thought it would be. From Xbox 720, we got Xbox One. You’re certain to find people saying that they always expected that change, though.

Kinect for Xbox One

It looks like it’s all praises for the Xbox One, with Microsoft touting it as the ultimate “all-in-one home entertainment system”. In this day and age of multiple devices and an even wider range of preferences, needs, and wants, I find it highly doubtful that everyone will find the Xbox One the best all-in-one home entertainment system, but each to his own right?

One of the highlights of the announcement is the fact that Kinect for Xbox One is an integral part of that awesome system. I think that even those who prefer other platforms won’t fail to see just how much fun the Kinect offers. With the Kinect for Xbox One, though, it’s not all for gamers. Microsoft is going one step further, and it has been confirmed: Kinect for Xbox One is also coming to Windows.

Scott Evans, the program manager of Kinect has said it himself.

“We will bring this to PC. We will have more information soon.”

When is soon? Who knows, but the Kinect for Windows team says the sensor will be delivered next year.

In any case, Kinect for Xbox One is required for the console to function. While I do understand the new approach, I think that users should be given the option to use their console without that element – but that’s just me.

I leave you with an interesting thought: with the Kinect for Xbox One connected to PCs, can you imagine the veritable treasure trove available to the modding community?

[Image via Mashable]