Nokia has really been putting a lot of its eggs in one basket. A basket called Lumia. You can’t really blame them, as the Lumia series has gotten the market’s attention. Not as much as rivals Apple and Samsung, definitely, but perhaps enough to give Nokia the fuel it needs to stay alive.

Nokia Milestone Press Conference Set For May 14

Nokia may not be able to overtake the other major smartphone brands in the foreseeable future, but one can’t deny that they do have some creative aces up their sleeves. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video that has been going around in the past couple of days, but it’s worth a chuckle or two. Especially if you have had one snarky comment too much from an Apple fanboy or an Android enthusiast. Take a look.

New Nokia Ad – Don’t Fight, Switch!

The Lumia Press Con

Obviously, this hilarious ad was released in conjunction with something else. A few days before the video made the Internet rounds, we heard news about an upcoming press conference. Slated to happen on the 14th of May in London, the press con was announced to some journalists via an invitation that seems to aim for a degree of mystery. The text “See What’s Next” is barely readable, but it’s clear that the Nokia press conference is going to be all about the Lumia.

If you remember, the Nokia rumor mill has been busy lately, with leaks about the Catwalk having an aluminum chassis instead of plastic. That’s one rumor that will be verified or crushed in two weeks. There has also been talk about the possibility of tablets and phablets, but it seems that the attention is not on those two device classes.

Here’s one interesting possibility for the Nokia press conference: Are they going to announce an Instagram app for the Windows Phone?

[Image via pcpro]