As smart devices are growing more powerful and popular, there is a growing demand of easy solutions to keep these gadgets charged or at least to be able to charge them while we use them. And this is exactly what this new product does: the nuplug extension cord was especially designed to make smart device charging more comfortable.

The nuplug is not only an extension cord, but also a surge protector equipped with two 2.1AMP USB ports and two traditional AC outlets of 120V. It is equipped with a flat profile plug for easier use and a 10-foot cord, which gives it a good reach. This makes it a safer and more versatile solution than the tangled extension cords most of us are struggling with every day.

Specification aside, what makes the nuplug really interesting is that it is easily attachable to furniture. This means it can be practically used in any room and its design allows you to attach it to your bed, couch, table, workbench, chair and many other furniture items.

The creators say the device can be used in countless situations and locations, such as the workplace, where it can easily be attached to your desk, in hotels or airports, in college dorms or small apartments, where, as you know, all available electricity outlets are always obstructed by furniture.

The nuplug can also be used for charging wireless video game controllers without having to be near the console, for powering home-use medical equipment that needs to be near the bed, or for offering elderly and disabled people easier access to a power outlet.

Nuplug: The Attachable Extension Cord

The nuplug is currently on Kickstarter, where it has already raised more than half of its $75,000 goal, with over two weeks to go until the crowdfunding campaign ends. Those interested in owning a nuplug can head over and pledge $29. The device is available in two colors: matte black and matte white. But the manufacturers are also working on developing multi-color skins for the device, for added style and versatility.

[Images via kickstarter]