One of the two widely anticipated console releases expected this year, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is trying to wow gamers with the new features of its DualShock 4 controller, keeping up the hype that has been surrounding the platform in the wake of rumors that it will be cheaper than its predecessor. So far, the controller is the only part of the PS4 revealed by Sony, in an attempt to keep the look of the final product under wraps at least until the E3 in June.

A video released by the company last week shows that the console can track the positions of players inside a room, with the help of the new controller’s light bar. For instance, if two players switch their places during a split-screen multiplayer, the PlayStation 4 controller will be able to track their movement and tell the console to switch the sections of the split screen as well.

PlayStation 4 Controller


The video, which features several members of the PS4 production team explaining how the new controller was developed, does not go into too much detail as to what the additional console features will actually do.

The DualShock 4 controller’s light bar is advertised to carry several functions, but none of these is explained in the video except for the one that tracks players’ movements.

Besides the light bar, the controller’s appearance is roughly the same, having the same directional buttons, triggers, shape buttons and dual joysticks, in order not to stray too far away from the look and feel of the previous DualShock model.

Other important additions to the controller are a new touchpad and a speaker, but most notably the brand new share button. This button will allow gamers to create a video of their gameplay instantly and then share it on their social networks.

It is yet hard to say how each of these functions can enrich the gaming experience, but the developers promise that when all the features come together, the DualShock 4 will really come to life. We expect more details to be released over the following weeks leading to the PS4 event at the E3.

Watch the DualShock4 video right here:

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