The 3D printer market is growing at an incredibly fast pace as the world discovers more and more benefits of this revolutionary technology. We have already seen the Gigabot, the largest 3D printer available for home use. And now, the first full color 3D desktop printer is likely to further expand the market, by bringing a state-of-the-art, complete printing experience to consumers.

The ProDesk3D from New York based company botObjects is the first 3D desktop printer that actually offers full color printing. With a 25 micron resolution, this printer is equipped with a proprietary 5 color PLA cartridge that is capable of mixing primary colors together to generate the shades you choose for the objects you are printing.

ProDesk3D: World’s First Full Color 3D Desktop Printer

The manufacturers also insist that the ProDesk3D delivers a production-ready printing experience, as it will not require any experimentation. The printer was designed specifically for this purpose, in response to current kit-like 3D printers. botObjects also said the printed objects do not need any finishing.

According to the company, the printer’s set up is automatic and easy, with the help of the self-designed self-calibration software. All you have to do is plug the printer in, download the software, insert the color cartridge and you’re ready to go. The special software analyzes the composition of the 3D design you want printed and will auto-set the device for the best performance.

ProDesk3D can currently print in PLA, PVA and ABS plastics. It is also provided with a special fan system to ensure a constant flow of air through the system. In terms of design, botObjects said their goal was to make the ProDesk3D look like how 3D printers might look in five years. And given its elegant appearance and neat aluminum body, we’d say they succeeded.

The desktop printer is not yet available for sale, but it is expected to be in the same price range with other 3D desktop printers, even if it offers many extra features that are not generally available and makes the entire printing process very user-friendly. botObjects plans to start taking early orders for ProDesk3D as of next month. The printer will target all consumers interested in creating 3D printed objects at home, but also businesses that need fast prototyping, such as designers, engineers, architects, and others.

[Image via Cnet]