We already know about the amazing curved displays both Samsung and LG are working on, using advanced OLED technology. LG seems to have won this fight, as they have already released their curved OLED TV set in South Korea, with plans to hit the U.S. market soon.

But Samsung wants to take the idea of curved TVs even further by creating a television set with a flexible display that will actually be able to bend ant twist itself at the click of a remote. The idea is described in a recent patent application from Samsung.

samsung flexible TV

The patent describes a thin high definition TV set equipped with an extra-flexible display that can be bent via remote control. This would allow users to get the perfect angle, no matter where they are in their room.  The TV’s movements would be controlled by what the Samsung patent application describes as a panel deformation member placed on the back of the display.

Also via the remote controller, users will be able to adjust the images on screen if they are distorted when the flexible display is bent to accommodate other viewing angles. The future Samsung flexible TV model will also allow owners to rotate or bend the entire display or just part of the screen.

The remote control will communicate the commands – rotating angle, direction, bending degree, etc. -, via Bluetooth of infrared communication. The controller will look more or less like a standard remote with menus, keys and buttons which will allow users to customize the television set’s bending degree, direction and angle.

Until now, flexible display technology has been mainly mentioned in relation to smartphones rather than TVs. But it seems the concept is picking up and a growing number of electronics powerhouses are trying it out. So even if we don’t know when Samsung’s flexible TV could actually be ready for commercialization, our guess is that it will happen pretty soon, given the stern competition in the market of flexible displays gadgets, whether it’s TVs or smartphones.

Samsung Flexible TV that Twists and Bends

What do you think? Would you like to own a flexible TV set?

[Images via cnet & ctimes]