The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a generally well received smartphone, however, the devices operating system and additional software add-ons take up a large chunk of the mobile devices internal storage capacity.

According to a new report the company is now preparing to fix storage issues. The BBC consumer affairs show Watchdog investigated numerous customer complaints about TouchWiz implementation and other additions that took up valuable storage space.

Samsung is not the only phone manufacturer to suffer from storage issues. For example, the HTC One offers 16GB but takes up 7.14GB of space. Apple on the other hand takes up just 3.5GB for its storage space on the iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The 16GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 leaves buyers with just 8.82GB of free space. The one advantage the device has over the HTC One and Apple iPhone models is the inclusion of a microSD card slot that provides greatly expanded memory up to 64GB.

Speaking to CNET Samsung says of the internal memory issue:

“We appreciate this issue being raised and we will improve our communications. Also, we are reviewing the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimization.”

Users looking for a Samsung Galaxy S4 with better memory management might want to wait for the unlocked Google version of the smartphone. Google recently announced that it would sell a fully unlocked version of the Galaxy S4 that comes equipped with a stock installation of Google Android.

The Android stock version of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will go on sale June 26 for $649.

Google has not yet announced which version of the Google Android OS will be placed on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Will you be purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S4 or would you rather buy the stock Google Android version which will likely take up less memory?

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