If you’re having a hard time getting your kid to sleep in the evening and reading from the old fashioned storybook doesn’t seem to do the job, this new invention might be what you need. The Smart PJs are interactive pajamas with built-in bedtime stories, promising to make that whole ‘going to bed’ ritual more fun for you and your child.

The Smart PJs are advertized as the world’s first and only interactive pajamas. They are covered in a multi-colored dot pattern which can be scanned with a smartphone or other tablet device equipped with specific apps, bringing up various bedtime stories or animal pictures on the screen.

Smart PJs Have Built-in Bedtime Stories

Every pattern generates a different code, which in turn brings up a unique story. Parents have the option of either reading that story to their child or listening to it played back. It is not yet known whether it will be possible to add any new stories to the Smart PJs after all the codes are scanned.

Apparently the system will work with several specific applications that the developers are working on and will not require any Internet connectivity once the apps are downloaded. At the moment, there are two such apps available.

The interactive pajamas were invented by realtor Juan Murdoch, who based his concept on the QR codes we see on virtually any product nowadays. As for criticism that the invention may make it worse for a generation of children already fascinated and almost addicted to technology, Murdoch dismissed any concerns. He insisted that beyond the use of mobile tech and apps, what matters the most is that Smart PJs will get parents to spend more time with their children.

We admit the idea of interactive pajamas is cool, as what kid wouldn’t like going around in PJs that have built-in stories? As for the effects such technology may have, in the end it depends on how the parents will use it. If you decide to give the Smart PJs a try, they are available in four sizes for both boys and girls and are available to be purchased online, for $25.