Adding Wi-Fi to your computing projects and apparently to a wide range of different devices could become a breeze soon, when the new Spark Core, a tiny development platform, hits the market. The device is advertised as being able to add Wi-Fi connectivity to virtually anything, from a security camera to a peanut butter sandwich.

The Spark Core board, created by Spark Devices, is practically a cloud-powered development platform that is Arduino-compatible and Wi-Fi enabled. It is equipped with the best Wi-Fi technology available, an ARM Cortex M3 of 72 MHz, wireless programming along with various various peripherals and pins, practically offering infinite development possibilities.

Spark Core

The Spark Core runs the same code as the Arduino, thus making it the ideal Wi-Fi solution for the miniature development platform. It is very easy to configure and set up, with the help of a setup process named Smart Config. The Spark App allows users to get Wi-Fi connectivity just by entering the name of the network and the password.

Users will also get access to a free Spark Cloud service which offers the Core various software-enabled features. The Spark Cloud will allow users, for instance, to update their projects from a distance, by writing code on their phone. Users will also be able to share video feeds with friends and family and to have access to their projects from anywhere in the world.

The Spark Core offers countless possibilities of use by enabling an easy Wi-Fi connection for virtually any piece of hardware, the manufacturer claims. Spark Devices says the for instance, the Core could be used to control a robot with your phone, to design a solar-powered security camera or an LCD fridge magnet that displays your Twitter feed. The company will also provide a few shields (complete circuits) for the Spark Core, to allow users to develop more complex projects.

The Core is currently on Kickstarter, where it already raised more than $200,000, while its initial goal was $10,000. All those who pledge as little as $39 will get a Spark Core.

[Image via Kickstarter]