3D printing has gotten consumers all excited because of the potential it offers. From the creative to the curious to the entrepreneur, the endless possibilities of 3D printing have  been difficult to resist. Today, 3D printing is more accessible to the average person, although it still cannot be considered mainstream. 3D printers have become easier to purchase and are relatively affordable as well.

Naturally, this has resulted in some very interesting 3D prints – interesting in both a good way and a bad way. If you’ve been considering dabbling in your very own home 3D printing endeavors, here are some of the best and worst 3D prints you can find today.

3D Printed Gun

Perhaps the most controversial 3D print is the gun, which has been test fired successfully. Does this belong to the best or the worst category?

First 3D Printed Gun Successfully Test Fired

3D Printed Jewelry

Jewelry and other accessories have been traditional venues of expressing one’s self. Whether you are the designer or the wearer, it doesn’t matter. The rings shown above are only a sampling of the awesome pieces of jewelry that have been 3D printed. This particular set follows cellular patterns, which is perfect for geeky fashionistas.

3D prints

Fetus Paperweights

Or snowglobes, if you wish. The Japanese are known to be pioneers in tech and innovation, and  they’re taking it to the 3D level as well. Forget those normal ultrasounds. Print out your baby before it gets born. Gah.

3d prints

Gummy Mini You

Narcissism has never been so prevalent as it is today. You can point your finger at whatever, or whomever, but here’s another 3D print that will certainly nurture the narcissist in anyone: mini gummy versions of you. I think they can serve as cool presents – mini versions of the recipient, not the giver!

3D printing is here to stay, and it can only grow bigger. Just like the 3D printed sex toy industry. You can also find guitars that are 3D printed, all sorts of figurines and toys, and so much more. Your imagination – and skill – is the limit. For an exhaustive guide on 3D printing, check this out.

The Best And Worst 3D Prints

[Images via Forbes, Design Milk, Mashable, Treehugger]