How would you like to take a tour of Mount Everest without having to leave the comfort of your own house? Okay, this may not be something passionate mountain hikers would be pleased about, but it sure sounds appealing to the rest of us.

A new iOS app called Mount Everest 3D lets users take a close look at the world’s tallest mountain in eye-popping 3D, from any possible angle. And you won’t risk freezing to death either.

Tour Highest Peak with Mount Everest 3D App

Mount Everest 3D was created by a German company called 3D RealityMaps. The application is based on high resolution WorldView satellite images and allows users to view various ascending routes, along with weather stations and base camps.

Using touch gestures on their iOS device, users will be able to navigate the mountain and view it in great detail from any perspective, in photorealistic quality, according to the official Mount Everest 3D website. The touch interface enables users to rotate and zoom the image and follow some of the most popular routes to the peak.

The application also offers detailed information about the weather on the mountain, along with a 2D view if you start feeling dizzy.

The Mount Everest 3D app was designed with the help of satellite imagery based on technology generally used for detailed space exploration. The interactive virtual tour it offers gives viewers access to highly accurate 3D images of the mountain, for a highly entertaining and realistic experience.

The application can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store (in German), but it does contain some in-app purchases that allow users to download info and maps to use without Internet connection. Onboard maps are $5.99.

And if you don’t own an iOS device, do not despair! You can still view Mount Everest in high resolution 3D on the Everest 3d website. All you have to do is download the free 3D RealityMaps software, install it and then lie back and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Everest 3D – Classic southeast ridge route from 3D RealityMaps on Vimeo.

Video from 3D RealityMaps on vimeo

[Image via Mediabistro]