Well, it’s not that Waze is actively egging on a war, but it is at the center of things. The popular map app (it has save my life so many times, especially during the time that Google Maps was removed from iOS) is at the receiving end of interest from several parties, Facebook being one of the first ones to express interest. The news is that the social networking company is in talks with Waze, with the nifty sum of $1 billion being thrown around.

Waze Sparks Bidding War Between Facebook & Google

It does not stop there, though, as it is being rumored that Google is also going to go for Waze. According to those in the know, ever since the Facebook-Waze talks have become public knowledge, Google has made plans to bid as well. Hence, a possible bidding war between Facebook and Google.

Now, while a bidding war between Facebook and Google would prove to be very interesting, the two are not the only ones interested in acquiring Waze. The other names have not been disclosed, though, as this particular acquisition seems to be rather sensitive.

If you think about it, the maps space is a rich one. Google Maps and Apple Maps are the usual suspects, of course, but Waze does have its own merits. Its design may not be all that pretty (cute, maybe), but the underlying concept and features could be integrated with Google Maps. It only makes sense that Google will be wanting in on this deal.

Waze Sparks Bidding War Between Facebook & Google

According to the same sources, though, the talks are rather far from being conclusive. In fact, there is even the possibility of Waze staying indie – if it can raise a round of venture capital. That should get the interest of those VCs!

If, however, we do see a bidding war between Facebook and Google, who do you think will come out on top? I’m putting my money on Google, but one thing’s for sure: Waze is in a golden position right now.

[Images via allthingsd & waze]