Zombies! Brad Pitt! And a lot more zombies! Okay, so we’re very excited about the upcoming zombie invasion movie World War Z, out June 21. Based on a 2006 novel by Max Brooks, the movie stars Pitt as a UN employee and features, well, you guessed it, hoards of zombies. And if that’s not enough to get your attention, try the World War Z game, to be released May 30.

The game continues the trend of movie-video game tie ins, although history has shown us that the sooner this trend disappears, the better. Virtually all video games that tie in with a film are more or less epic failures. But World War Z seems intent on changing this fact.

World War Z Game to Be Released May 30

The game was developed by Chicago-based Phosphor Games and will be released for iOS and selected Android devices on May 30, Paramount Digital Entertainment announced. This is encouraging news, since Phosphor Games has an impressive track record and its latest title, critically acclaimed Horn, won several Game of the Year awards last year.

The trailer for the World War Z game looks good too, almost comparable to the quality we see in some PC and console releases. The game was built around Unreal Engine 3, Phosphor Games said, promising to offer a fully immersive gaming experience, top notch graphics and the studio’s trademark multipass blended textures and ambient occlusion lighting.

The game is set in the same universe as the movie and the player seems to be pitted against even more zombies than we would have thought possible after seeing the feature film’s trailer. Players will have to go through 28 levels and battle zombies in various scenarios and with different kinds of upgradeable weapons.

We really hope this release will prove game-film tie in naysayers wrong and actually offer players a quality gaming experience. Especially after the previous release from Paramount Digital Entertainment, Star Trek The Video Game was a not so enjoyable an experience, other than the voice acting from the cast of the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness.

[Image via lytherus]