Indie game developers, rejoice! And, if you’re an avid supporter of the indie concept, you have good reason to clap your hands – and get clicking – as well. Amazon has just launched a new dedicated storefront called the Amazon Indie Game Store. Obviously, this section is all about independent game developers, so that they can reach out to more customers and let the Amazon world know about their games.

Amazon Opens Indie Game Store

The Amazon Indie Game Store is a rich source of games which you may otherwise not hear about. But more than selling games from indie developers, the section does have a deeper cause – to raise awareness about the people behind the games.

Forget Zynga and all the controversy it has been involved in in recent times. If you visit the Amazon Indie Game Store, you get to read features about developers and founders. This month’s feature is on Gaijin Games. Ever heard of them? Maybe it’s about time you did.

The section also features Indie Bundles. The interesting thing about these bundles is that 100% of the sales go to the developers themselves! That’s something that you won’t hear every day, yes?

Of course, the usual Amazon search filters can be used to find games in the Indie section, but there is a whole lot to be discovered here. Amazon may have its fair share of critics, but this move is something that gamers ought to appreciate, and developers even more so.

The next time you’re up for buying a new game or two (PC, Mac, or browser-based games), why don’t you head over to the Amazon Indie Game Store first? You never know – you might find the next big thing; and one thing’s for sure – you’ll be giving the small players a bigger chance to get their work out there. And that’s certainly worth the visit!